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Firstly we want to make sure your design details you're sending is as precise and understandable. Design draw ups are included in the price for the first two. Any changes to the design draw ups after the first two will be an extra charge for each extra design re-do depending on the amount of artwork that is included. So it's important when describing your order you're as specific as possible. Photos for examples are welcome, but we will not copy from another maker.


Sizing is important to insure you're receiving a pair of sandals that fit correctly, comfortably and will love. Our sandals are made off of the measurements you provide. Sandals will be non-refundable & non-returnable. Feel free to message me if there's any sizing issues once receiving your sandals so we can figure out the issue! If they need to be sent back to be stretched or tightened there will be a charge as well as for shipping. We are not responsible for the measurements provided to us being incorrect. 

When placing your order for sandals with me I will need these measurements sent to me. 

  • Width- Measure at the widest part of your foot from side to side. 

  • Length- Longest part of your foot from heel to toe. 

  • Across- Across the top of your foot from floor to floor. 

It's best to get a piece of paper and trace your foot to measure the length and width & send  me photos of the measuring tape if you're unsure of the exact measurement. I've included a great video link to follow if you need any help!

The sizing I use for our standard sizes is based off the chart in the link below. It would be extremely helpful and almost guarantees  a more accurate fit if you're able to print it off to get your measurements off there for your number size as well. 

Once you've gathered all of this information feel free to send me a message with the measurements included! Don't be afraid to ask questions. It's better to ask questions then end up with a pair of sandals that don't fit. 

Thank you!!

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