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We are not currently accepting custom orders. Our waitlist is currently full as well. & In order for us to make sure our customers are happy, we don’t want to add any more to the waitlist currently to ensure we’re able to complete our current list. Whenever we open our list back up, we will be posting on our Facebook/ Instagram page & updating our webpage. However whenever they are opened back up, we will only be accepting a limited amount. We’re trying to focus on making more products that are readily available & building up our inventory, as custom orders take much more time. With as many custom orders as we have taken in, we didn’t have many items to take to any shows in the past so we’re going to try and focus on that as well.
Whenever the custom orders do happen to open back up, a 50% deposit will be required after the buyer has determined their design and approved it. Whenever the order is being close to being finished, the buyer will be contacted for completion of pay before finishing & shipping out.
Items that have customizations (such as names, brands, initials, etc) the deposit will be non-refundable as we cannot resell those items if the buyer backs out.
Custom orders also go in the order that they come in. We aren’t always able to accommodate to certain dates that you need an item by, if there is orders ahead of you. We like to keep it fair. Be patient with me as I work solely on each custom order to ensure the quality. I will contact you whenever I am getting close to being able to start on your particular order to get an idea of what design & product you are wanting.

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